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“I kept asking myself, ‘What more could I have done — what did I miss? ’ It was the time in my life that I felt failure the most.” The idea that Chopra’s father is missing out on seeing his daughter achieve success all over the world is something that clearly saddens her.

“It was never a plan of mine to go to a whole new country at the age of 33, and start a new career,” she adds. I’d like to believe that.” It takes just a short while in her company to understand why much of the world is suddenly so enamored of Chopra.

The show spotlights a group of FBI trainees with Chopra at the center, playing the wily and dynamic Alex Parrish.

It’s one of the first mainstream American TV characters to be portrayed by an Indian-born actor, and Chopra was careful to insist that her character be depicted without offensive stereotypes.

Her confidence is palpable, her voice and stride purposeful. She shifts seamlessly from thoughtfully answering questions to enthusiastically rapping along to the ’90s hip-hop blasting on set at the photo shoot.

“That’s all I listened to when I was a kid,” she says.

“I love Biggie, but I had a big crush on Tupac as a teenager.

I thought he was a modern-day poet, the voice of our generation.” It’s not necessarily a surprise to witness her aptitude for music. But after a minor club hit with the Pitbull collaboration “Exotic” in 2013, her album ended up getting shelved, partly because of her other numerous projects.

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When she returned to India after high school, her mother secretly entered her in the Miss India World pageant in 2000 — without asking her.“It was so hard for me to do the elimination part,” Chopra admits. I’m a guest judge, so thankfully I don’t have to be mean!I’ve been through contests that have involved elimination.“Sometimes I still put it on when I’m drinking wine with my friends,” she says.

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“I’d love to do music again, but just don’t have the time to really focus on it — and you need that.” At the photo studio, she changes outfits with the cool efficiency of a quick-change artist.I won both [Miss India and Miss World], but the pressure and stress was so much that I still have some kind of PTSD from it.