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21-Jan-2018 04:10

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Initially you’re watching relatively tame videos of a man and a lady, a beautiful lady, possibly with very large breasts, doing the deed.

But that “high” and pleasurable experience you created watching relatively normal sex begins to fade, now you need to up the anti; thus, the Coolidge effect is born.

There are a couple of studies that are showing that while porn won’t crush your testosterone levels, it will, in sort, hold them ransom, halting their increase, disabling your ability to produce optimal testosterone levels.

According to a study published in the “Journal of Zhejiang University,” ejaculation may set off a subtle hormonal cycle.

Though it is important to understand how porn is changing sex for the worse and whether you’ll be a vehicle for change or fall into its trap.

Sadly, this is how young men are being introduced to sex.

What’s left is a real, raw look at porn and where it belongs in your life – good or bad. Sex is a great thing and its something that all guys should want and want a lot of.

To want sex means your body is working as it should, with it’s hormone levels optimal and working efficiently.

It’s changing the way young men look at women and it’s changing the way young women look at themselves.

There is no ‘real world sex’ in porn, and if you find some and it suffices for stimulation, as we’ve already discussed, that stimulation won’t last for long and you’ll have to “upgrade”.No, it’s simply written by a guy, and as a guy who has been blessed with a little head and a big head, and it’s the little head that often seems to hold the rest of the body at ransom.