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On 7 december 99 the Belgium commercial TV station (1 million viewers) heard about Scatman on the news. They mentioned also that he was an example for us stutterers. He was not only a good scatter but most of all he was an example for may stutterers all over the world!Sorry for my English, I cannot express the way I want to express it, but I hope he will be in many heart like mine.I remember when we talked on the phone, at times he'd apologize for his stuttering, but it didn't bother me at all... Elson Trinidad I first got in contact with John in 1997 at a particularly difficult time in my life, especially with regard to stuttering. often denied I stuttered and did everything I could to hide it. He and John had the chance to form a friendship during many of John's trips to Europe. I have always felt at home in the Larkin home, but Sunday was more than that. I found John to be a funny, warm, caring individual who was fun to be around.I seemed to see right through that..I thought was, "Hey, I'm talkin to the Scatman! I told him my home was open and on Friday he confirmed that he was coming. "There are not many places that I feel proud to be a stutterer. As I have been walking around introducing myself to all of you and I stutterered I felt a part of that very special part of John who I know all of you love". That house was filled with so much love that people came together and I truly didn't want the day to end. I've talked with him a few times, we seemed to have a talent to make each other laugh ;-) He'll be missed by me -- I wish I could have spent more time with him. DDDDave When I think Of John Larkin I think of straight up truth.Some of his work is still available through love for and work with the international community of people who stutter is a major part of John's legacy.John is survived by his wife, Judy, who attended the National Stuttering Association convention with John in Buffalo, NY. Judy has sent three large pictures of Scatman that fans are invited to download. John's wife, Judy, informed me (personal correspondence, January 9, 2008) that it was his wish to not be buried, but instead to be cremated with burial at sea.Obituary: John Larkin by Pierre Perrone Wednesday 22 December 1999, from the INDEPENDENT Musician John "Scatman" Larkin passed away December 3, 1999, at his home in California.John, a person who stuttered, was known for his "scatsinging" and wrote that is was an example of how his "greatest problem has become my greatest asset." Professionally he was best known for his successful recordings in Europe on the BMG/RCA label.

He also possessed the gifts of humanity and caring, which endowed him with a greatness of person, and a unique stature in which the very best of art and life united in a beautiful vision all his own. When I got there the Friday before he died his wife Judy told me that John had not communicated much in the last four days.

John went into a bar (in his drinking days) and said to the bartender. The bartender responded with c-c-coming r-r-right up. I'm sure that John would have greatly appreciated this honor as he did when the National Council on Communicative Disorders approved my nomination of him for an award. I have only just heard about him passing on, and it is a deep loss to the world. I only wish I could have seen him perform once before he passed on i wasn't realy a scatman fan, i do briefly remember the song 'scatman', as i was only 12 back in 1995 i didn't realy take much notice of the music around me, and how did i find out about this great loss, well i have just been on audiogalaxy(the place i download my mp3's) and was scouring through peoples posts when i came across 'scatman is the fastest rapper' memories of a charlie chaplin figure came pouring back, so ...

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