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The criteria also recommend that the Z drugs not be prescribed for long-term use because they may cause similar side effects and have limited value in improving sleep.Q: Are there non-drug alternatives that will help older adults sleep?For more information about these techniques, visit and go to Q: Are there non-drug alternatives that can help older adults avoid delirium or treat it if it occurs?There are two main types of sedative-hypnotics -- barbiturates and benzodiazepines. S., common barbiturates include Seconal (also known as secobarbital) and Luminal (phenobarbital).They are used for patients who have trouble sleeping. Most of the trials were short at just one or two nights' duration, involved only a small number of patients and used poorly described methodology.Therefore it was difficult to find out the exact effects of these drugs on patients with as measured by the numbers and duration of pauses in breathing during sleep.

They are often prescribed to older adults for problems including anxiety, agitation, difficulty sleeping, and delirium (an abrupt form of confusion).A: The best way to treat delirium is first to prevent it.