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22-Aug-2017 01:32

Wareham said went 10 years without insurance, and used fish antibiotics four times during that period to self-medicate.

At the time, she compared the pills to pills her family members had gotten from the pharmacy, and claimed that they were identical.

Freedberg noted the increasing awareness among doctors about antibiotic stewardship, which are programs designed for "improving antibiotic use." The programs "optimize the treatment of infections and reduce adverse events associated with antibiotic use," according to the CDC.

And according to Freedberg, the awareness surrounding antibiotics may be why people find that their doctors aren't so quick to prescribe them the medicine.

"Antibiotics distribute within the body differently." And he doubted that people without medical degrees would know how to do it, too.

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The store, which she didn't name, didn't carry the antibiotics.

"I was looking for fish antibiotics specifically, as there was the most information on those online," she wrote.

Eventually, Chapman borrowed money and managed to get treated at a clinic.

Today, she has health insurance under the Affordable Care Act, and said she wouldn’t use fish antibiotics again—unless she became uninsured.

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Kelsey Chapman, the Twitter user who said she "hit up a pet store last year for antibiotics" spoke with via email about her experience.Howie held a similar view, pointing to her own experience as an example that others might face.

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