Marriage transitioning from dating to marriage

04-Jul-2018 11:23

According to bereavement expert Nolen-Hoeksema, adaptive coping involves “doing things that renew your sense of control and take your mind away from your worries for a short time.

People typically use things like sports or hobbies or going somewhere with a friend, such as to a movie or shopping,” she said.

Wendi’s Note: The Divorce Club in London is a great way to meet others who are going through similar experiences.

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Another unhelpful strategy, (which is also the one we are most likely to do), is sitting home and thinking, “I just don’t have the strength to do anything,”.

All that happens if you stay at home, alone and without distraction is that you go back over the same distressing thoughts without actually doing anything to relieve your low mood. People who just try and shut it out, end up ruminating more.

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D., marriage therapist and author of "To do that, you need to talk about some important issues, because whether we realize it or not, things change when you shift from simply dating to being married. We had grown so far apart we both thought the marriage was over.

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