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Agudath Israel, a Haredi advocacy organization, took a leading role in discussions.

Demographic changes will likely follow construction of the eruv, with the non-Haredi who can moving away, and others choosing not to move to the area. E., the Lakewood Senior Action Group, and strong women in leadership positions and as role models.

Beth Medrash Govoha, BMG, in Lakewood is a Kollel, an acclaimed undergraduate institution where some 7,000 married male students study Torah intensively.

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The sea of black was good to see, yet it was difficult to interact, with no greetings except for just one Haredi who broke the silences.

There is much to learn and understand about Orthodox Judaism, and about the Haredi especially.

One is the significance of Halakha in everyday life, and the “Haredi nuances,” where a Haredi with an issue goes first to the rabbis, who might resolve the issue or go to the legal authorities.

Federal and state law trump Halakha, but religious accommodations can be made when possible.

The separateness of the Haredi, following Jewish law, requires secular leadership, and thus the Lakewood Vaad, council of Haredi leaders.In the political process, and in welfare applications, the Vaad provides guidance across the entire region.