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24-Mar-2018 07:12

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Twitch, the online streaming service best known for its video game live streaming, announced a new game show from its Twitch Studios designed to help content creators turn their passion for live-streaming into a career.

The show, entitled Stream On, will premiere in March 2018.

The show is designed for creators who have made it to Twitchs Partnership program, a 25,000-member group for streamers that have established an audience they engage with and who broadcast at least three times a week.

Contestants will face challenges designed to test important streamer skills and will be evaluated by a panel of Twitch judges.

Kroll, who launched HQ alongside fellow Vine co-founder Rus Yusupov, allegedly exhibited creepy behavior toward women during his time at Twitter.

In addition, HQ is still not available on Android devices; Live.me, on the other hand, can be found on both the App Store and Google Play.

And finally, the feature "Big Game" (1.028 million viewers, #12; adults 18-49: 0.2, #12) on The CW (1.028 million viewers, #5; adults 18-49: 0.2, #5) rounded out the night.

Each correct answer will move the guests toward their intended floor, while a wrong response will send them all the way back down to the lobby.With Cash Lift, Discovery and Group Nine are putting a digital spin on Cash Cab, a popular game show that aired on the Discovery TV channel between 20.In that series, host Ben Bailey surprised New York City taxi riders with in-car quizzes.The launch of Quiz Biz comes two months after the arrival of HQ, which has proven the live trivia niche to be a potent market.

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During recent broadcasts, HQs audience has soared into six-digit viewership, while hundreds of thousands of players vying for prizes that have risen as high as ,000. The latter app, according to recent reports, is struggling to raise capital due to the past behavior of its co-founder, Colin Kroll.Next up was CBS (4.675 million viewers, #2; adults 18-49: 0.5, #T3) and its holiday mainstay "A Home for the Holidays with Josh Groban" (5.145 million viewers, #3; adults 18-49: 0.6, #T6) followed by repeats of "NCIS" (5.006 million viewers, #4; adults 18-49: 0.5, #8) and "Bull" (3.875 million viewers, #6; adults 18-49: 0.4, #T9).