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Address to the Sun Inn, Boniface Street, Lambeth, S.

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Husband of Lavinia Hutchings and father of Thomas Henry Hutchings.

On pp.683-4: Detailed obituary (with photo) of "veteran Volunteer and crack shot, and member of the Society for 63 years".

Born in Harrogate in 1830, joined the Society at Newport, Mon., in 1850 and the Volunteers at York in 1865, moved to Knaresborough in 1872, where he died in 1913.

Class 129 Heifer born on or after January 1 2016: W D Allen - Stouphill Patsy S152; b.

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Hereford: Champion / Kerfield Cup / Special Rosette winner: Mr Harry Elliot - Cornriggs 1 Julia 4th; b.

Reference to festivity at lodge chaired by Hooper in return for 26 Nov-, p.3."The deceased was a clear member 17th April last, and has been paying, but never cleared himself within fourteen weeks, thus the widow has been deprived of the funeral allowance" - used as example to members Branch report, p.38: "We shall all miss him, he was such a quiet fellow.